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As I listened over these three weeks, I saw that they're drawn to Q and Mr

Trump for many reasons. The political status quo wasn’t working for them. Mr. Trump was an antidote to Washington and was beholden to neither party. And Q offered not just a political orientation but also a way to place themselves in a bigger narrative that explains life’s shortcomings.

Many believers have paid a price for their views

Some were shunned by friends and family. Apps and social networks, like this audio chat room, stepped in, offering a welcoming community with shared beliefs.

“I have family that think that way. I think they’re crazy for not seeing what the heck’s going on,” another replied.

Beneath the anger in their voices is often pain or confusion. When the chat dies down to just a few members, they’ll share stories about their struggles with affording health insurance or the shame of going on government assistance.

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The beginning of Grindr

Designed and developed by Grindr LLC builders, the Grindr application is supposed limited to Android platforms. Officially, you simply will not come across a grindr application for Computer or iOS consumers